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    10 Reasons A Country House Wedding Might Be For You

    Published: May 15th, 2024

    If you’re dreaming of a wedding that combines elegance, privacy and a touch of rural charm, a country house could be the perfect venue for your special day. Country house wedding venues offer a unique blend of sophistication and tranquillity that modern urban venues simply can’t match. Picture your celebration amid sprawling gardens, historic rooms and breathtaking views that stretch far into the horizon.

    In this article, we’ll explore ten reasons why a country house might be the ideal choice for your celebration. Here at Sandon Hall, we’re expert wedding planners with many years’ experience organising and hosting country house weddings so we know what makes these venues so special!

    Read on to discover why a country house wedding might just be the dream setting you’ve been searching for.

    1. Scenic Settings

    Country house wedding venues are located in some of the most breathtaking landscapes—whether it’s the undulating hills of the countryside, meticulously maintained gardens or adjacent woodlands. These elements offer a visually stunning backdrop for the wedding ceremony and photographs, enhancing the aesthetic appeal and creating a memorable setting for guests. Sandon Hall is a magnificent stately home nestled among picturesque gardens in the heart of Staffordshire and surrounded by 400 acres of lush countryside.

    2. Exclusivity & Privacy

    Opting for a country house wedding often means securing the venue exclusively for the wedding party. This exclusivity guarantees privacy, allowing couples and their guests to celebrate without interruptions from outside parties, fostering a more intimate and personal atmosphere. Sandon Hall is an exclusive use venue, meaning you can be Lord and Lady of the manor for the day!

    3. Charm & Character

    Country house wedding venues are imbued with historical significance and architectural beauty, featuring elements like antique furnishings, grand staircases and ornate fireplaces. This historical charm adds a layer of sophistication and timelessness to the wedding festivities that modern venues may lack.

    Home to the Harrowby family since 1776, Sandon Hall was transformed by architect Samuel Wyatt into a Georgian House. Badly burnt in a fire in 1848, the hall was rebuilt in the neo-Jacobean style by renowned architect William Burn.

    4. Versatility In Wedding Venue Use

    The flexibility of having both indoor and outdoor venue options allows couples to plan their day without concern for weather disruptions. It also enables them to personalise different aspects of their wedding, such as having the ceremony outdoors and the reception inside, or vice versa. Sandon Hall offers a choice of elegant rooms ideal for indoor weddings, while the beautiful grounds and gardens provide a range of stunning backdrops. Also located within the estate is a Grade I listed church, a great option for those wanting a church ceremony.

    5. Fantastic Reception Options

    The grand interiors and spacious grounds of country house wedding venues provide a variety of options for hosting receptions. From elegant ballrooms that can host a formal sit-down dinner to sprawling lawns perfect for a relaxed afternoon garden party, these venues adapt to different reception styles. This diversity allows couples to host everything from a lavish banquet to a low-key outdoor gathering under the stars. As well as a range of magnificent interior rooms, such as the Drawing Room with its ornate chandeliers and exquisite Chinoiserie wallpaper, Sandon Hall offers marquee receptions in summer within our ornamental 50-acre gardens.

    6. Accommodation Facilities

    Many country house wedding venues provide on-site accommodation, ranging from luxurious suites to quaint cottages, allowing the wedding party and guests to stay overnight. This feature is especially advantageous for multi-day celebrations, ensuring that everyone involved enjoys convenience and comfort.

    Sandon Hall has two unique wedding accommodation options, The Agency and Reeves Cottages. The Agency is a 4-bedroom residence located nearby the main house and is perfect for hosting couples on their wedding night. Reeves Cottages is a luxury cottage located away from the main grounds and ideal for honeymooners.

    7. Family-Friendly Environment

    The expansive nature of country house wedding venues means there’s ample space for all guests, including children, to enjoy the day. These venues often feature gardens and outdoor spaces where younger guests can play, making the venue suitable for families.

    8. All-In-One Venue

    The ability to host every aspect of the wedding—ceremony, reception, rehearsal dinner and even a post-wedding brunch—in one location simplifies logistics significantly. This convenience reduces the need for transportation between venues and helps maintain a cohesive flow throughout the event.

    The Sandon Hall estate certainly has it all. The country house’s magnificent interior and picturesque gardens make it the perfect location for all kinds of weddings, civil partnership ceremonies and receptions. We also offer on site accommodation for those who wish to extend their stay.

    9. Customisation & Flexibility

    Country house wedding venues typically offer more leeway in terms of customisation, allowing couples to tailor everything from the menu to the décor to suit their personal tastes and wedding theme. This flexibility helps create a unique and personalised wedding experience. With a range of spaces at our disposal, Sandon Hall can provide the ideal setting for both small, intimate weddings and large, lavish gatherings with extended family and friends.

    10. Access To The Countryside

    The rural setting not only provides beautiful vistas but also offers a chance for guests to engage with the natural environment. Activities like hiking, horseback riding, or even a casual stroll through the countryside can be part of the wedding weekend, enhancing the overall experience and providing a refreshing break from the usual city setting.

    Staffordshire is blessed with attractions of all kinds, all within easy reach of Sandon Hall. Wedding guests planning to stay in the area can explore nearby market towns, such as Stone or Stafford, take a family trip to Alton Towers, or head to the Peak District for some outdoor adventure.

    The Perfect Place To Say I Do

    With the possibility of exclusive use, accommodating both grand and intimate gatherings and providing both aesthetic and practical advantages, country house wedding venues cater to a wide array of visions and preferences. From the serene and picturesque surroundings ideal for photography to the convenience of having numerous wedding activities in one place, these venues promise a seamless and memorable wedding experience. If these ten reasons resonate with you, a country house wedding at Sandon Hall might just be for you.

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