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    Our Story

    The History of Sandon Hall

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    Sandon Hall Crest

    The Story Behind Sandon Hall

    The Harrowby family still live here at Sandon Hall, and look forward to welcoming you into their home.


    An eminent family in Georgian
    and Victorian Britain

    The Harrowby Family have long been involved in law and politics: Sir Dudley Ryder as Attorney General and then Lord Chief Justice, whilst his grandson, The 1st Earl of Harrowby, became Foreign Secretary in 1804. Both the 2nd and 3rd Earls held cabinet posts and served as MPs for Liverpool, the tradition continuing with the 5thEarl, MP for Gravesend and the 6th Earl, MP for Shrewsbury.

    By virtue of marrying Lady Frances Stuart, granddaughter of Thomas Coutts, the 2nd Earl started the family’s involvement in banking. The 4th Earl was a Partner of Coutts Bank whilst the 7th Earl, father of the present Earl, was Deputy Chairman of NatWest Bank.



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