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    2020 Wedding Trends: A Sandon Hall Guide

    Last Updated: March 11th, 2020

    Organising the perfect wedding requires precision, and every aspect needs to be planned to the very last detail. Brides and grooms will also have to make many of their most important wedding decisions far in advance, but while happy couples will be excited to get the ball rolling, it can be risky business booking a venue and confirming the flowers so long before tying the knot. After all, there’s no guarantee that current wedding trends will still be in vogue by the day of the ceremony. However, if you’re planning a wedding in 2020, Sandon Hall is here to help. Our expert knowledge of everything from dress details to the most fashionable cakes can ensure that couples tying the knot in 2020 can plan their day in line with all the upcoming trends.



    The catwalks of Bridal Fashion Week 2020 in Barcelona offered brides more stylistic choice than ever before. Whether they’re looking for a refined gown, or aiming to make a statement with an outfit that’s anything but traditional, designers have updated many much-loved wedding dress trends with an array of fresh touches. For those who simply can’t decide on one look, there is no harm in choosing two. Following in the footsteps of Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton, and Kim Kardashian, it will be common for brides in 2020 to wear more than one outfit on their wedding day.

    Plenty of designs will harken back to iconic eras in fashion history. Expect to see a return to old Hollywood glam, with full-skirted satin ball gowns, as well as 80s-inspired puffy sleeves and slinky 90s slip dresses. Renaissance romance will be another popular theme, courtesy of fashion houses like Oscar de la Renta and Vera Wang, both of whom unveiled dramatic off-the-shoulder dresses with theatrical oversized sleeves.

    As for more contemporary choices, jumpsuits will remain a staple, but designers will bring the look into 2020 with the attachment of a showstopping bridal train. Power blazers, with sharp shoulders and slick lapels, will be another great androgynous alternative, often coupled with shorts instead of trousers. In fact, shorter hemlines look like they will be popular across the board. For the best of both worlds, asymmetrical high-low hemlines are also back in style, and will continue to be a common wedding dress fashion choice going into 2020.

    The veil is also set to take a backseat in favour of capes—a much more fashion-forward way to guarantee dramatic movement down the aisle. 3D flowers, feathers, beading, or metallic detailing are also increasingly chic embellishments for any bridal wedding accessories. Though lace will remain a staple material, the modern bride may prefer crisp crepes instead. And although the editors of British Vogue predict that the majority of bridal garments will stick to a traditional white colour scheme, there are still new shades being introduced to the palette. These include champagne, dusty blue, powder pink, peach, lavender, and gold.


    Cravats, bow ties, and ruche ties have almost completely fallen out of fashion in the last few years. Grooms in 2020 will be most drawn to a standard—yet stylish—necktie, fastened in a Windsor knot. The penchant for matching the bridal party has also dwindled, so the groom no longer needs to coordinate his tie with the bridesmaids’ dresses. Instead, they are far more likely to embrace playful prints, in accordance with the overall theme of the wedding. For instance, floral patterned ties complement outdoor ceremonies, while those who have opted for a suave and sophisticated setting should go for classic polka dots, stripes, and checks.

    A double-breasted waistcoat will be an integral part of a sharp, classic three-piece wedding suit—especially in bolder prints like tweed and dogtooth. Slim-fitting lounge suits have proven most popular with grooms of late, and though they won’t be going anywhere in 2020, there’s also set to be a return to quintessential English morning suits, complete with a statement tailcoat.

    Groomswear may also move away from traditional fabrics like wool and cotton in favour of velvet for winter and linen for summer. For those looking to make a statement, classic black, blue, or grey suits may be switched for eye-catching burgundies, emerald greens, or even pinks. In fact, grooms need not be restricted by one colour—stylists expect grooms in 2020 to mix and match different hues to find a unique combination they love.



    Brides and grooms are expected to get more creative with their wedding cakes in 2020 as well. Instead of smooth white buttercream, couples are set to experiment with fondant or icing to create unique textures. Monograms and bespoke hand-painted illustrations will also be more common, giving the designs a personal touch. Sparkly silver and muted metallic details are expected to add flash to the tiers, while fern is predicted to replace eucalyptus as the most popular decorative green, creating an elegantly rustic finish.

    More minimalistically-minded couples will begin embracing several single-tiered confections, allowing them to share multiple cake styles and flavours, without an overwhelming display. What’s more, many weddings in 2020 will feature a somewhat unique take on the wedding cake. Expect the traditional main attraction to be replaced by tiers of doughnuts, waffles, macaroons, or even wheels of cheese.


    A one-plate-fits-all approach will be rare in 2020. Couples should be prepared for their guests to come with a number of dietary restrictions, and varying tastes, so sit-down dinners with a set menu will continue to be replaced by DIY food stations, serving lots of small plates. Whether that involves food trucks, grazing tables, or BBQ-style presentation, brides and grooms should strive to present a diverse range of options in the most interesting ways. These interactive strategies are also great for bringing people together, as well as creating perfect Instagrammable moments through unique aesthetic experiences that your guests will love.

    Couples may even use their culinary choices to tell the story of their relationship, whether by incorporating dishes they’ve enjoyed on past dates, meals they’ve shared on holiday, or signature food staples hailing from the particular location they’ve chosen to marry in. This bespoke approach can also apply to the drinks. Signature drinks aren’t going anywhere, and a make-your-own bars will give guests the chance to take control of their cocktails. The growing interest in sustainable, eco-friendly weddings will also put a focus on locally-sourced produce, organic ingredients, and plastic-free, recyclable utensils.


    According to Pantone, the top colour schemes for 2020 weddings are Neo-Mint, Purist Blue, Cassis, Cantaloupe, and Mellow Yellow. Luckily, these are all versatile hues that work perfectly as both primary and secondary tones in your colour scheme. Though it was once common for a wedding theme to be based on just one or two tones, weddings are ever more likely to include a number of different complementary colours—typically about five or six. And while rose gold has been the metallic shade of choice for some time, gold, silver, and copper will be far more fashionable in 2020.

    Flowers will continue to reign supreme when it comes to wedding day decor, particularly suspended floral arrangements, bohemian rustic wreaths mixing flowers and wood, and tailored greenery such as indoor trees. There’ll also be a focus on earthy elements like pampas grass, as well as seasonal flowers. Natural is in, which is why 2020 will see many couples choosing their flowers based on what’s ethically grown at that particular time of year. Here at Sandon Hall, we have an in-house florist that personally grows and hand-picks seasonal flowers on behalf of the happy couple.


    Though wedding favours are no longer considered an integral part of proceedings, couples that decide to include them in 2020 should offer their guests goodies of practical value. Instead of providing sentimental tokens that will probably not be used, there will be a shift towards edible, cookable or growable favours. Wasteful packaging is not an option, and neither is glitter, which is messy and usually non-biodegradable. However, it won’t be unusual for 2020’s brides and grooms to replace wedding favours with a charitable donation, possibly giving guests the opportunity to vote for the charity of their choice.


    Dual-purpose venues will be the way to go in 2020, with the majority of couples set to save both time and money by hosting the wedding ceremony and the reception in the same location. As it looks like it’s going to be the year of nature-based weddings, plenty of brides and grooms will likely aim to tie the knot in a perfect outdoor ceremony. Trendy boho-inspired venues will be in high demand, as will rustic spaces with elegant touches.

    At Sandon Hall, our ornamental gardens stretch across 50 acres, making for an idyllic wedding location. Our charming tipi receptions come complete with an open fire, and offer plenty of space for a dancefloor and a bar, allowing the newlyweds to take in the sublime scenery of our divine stately home. With Sandon Hall, happy couples and their delighted guests can enjoy the great outdoors in the most luxurious way possible.

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