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    Alternative Wedding Ring Ideas: Materials, Stones & Styles

    Last Updated: April 29th, 2024

    Your engagement ring and wedding band are important parts of the celebration of your union. You will want them to symbolise your special day in a way that looks and feels like a marker of your love. To make your ring choices that much more personal, you might want to consider alternative wedding ring ideas as well as more conventional styles.

    Here, we look at some different ways to customise your wedding bands. We consider creative choices for stones and ring shapes and how to choose styles that reinvent classics.

    Pick Unexpected Metals & Use Them In New Ways

    From the choice of metals to the finishes you choose, there are many ways to personalise your wedding band.

    White & Rose Gold

    Classic yellow gold and platinum are popular and classic choices for wedding rings. White gold is a common alternative, offering a bright and sparkling silvery shade with all the hard-wearing and luxurious benefits of gold. If you want to make more of a statement with your wedding, you might consider rose gold. A soft blush tone will stand out while looking just as glamorous and special as yellow gold.

    Two-Toned Rings

    Another way to use common and uncommon metals together to create a unique alternative wedding ring is to go for a two-tone design. Bands can be designed in halves, such as half yellow gold and half white gold, with stripes in the band, such as steel with a rose gold trim or white gold inlaid with a stripe of yellow gold. This is a popular alternative wedding ring style for men.

    Metal Finishes

    Even if you want to stick to more classic metal choices or designs, you can customise them to your personal style by choosing a different finish. A satin finish will lessen the shine and create a more demure wedding ring. Brushed metal finishes add a rustic twist, ideal if you are more outdoorsy or are opting for a country wedding.

    Choose More Unusual Stones

    The classics when it comes to engagement and wedding rings are diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds. But with such a breadth of natural and lab-made stones around, if you want to design a more unique and alternative wedding ring there are many wonderful alternative choices available.


    Moissanite looks similar to diamond yet is more durable and much cheaper. These lab-made stones maintain the brilliance and sparkle of diamonds at a lower price point – meaning you can afford even larger stones.

    White Opals

    Clean and evocative of classic weddings, white opals are a great choice for an alternative wedding ring that doesn’t stray too far from tradition. White opals are relatively common and are considered semi-precious gemstones. Opaque with a milky look, opals refract a spectrum of colours. White opals are commonly associated with balance, harmony and love.


    Combining shades of cool blue and intense violet, Tanzanite tones vary allowing you to find one that complements you. Tanzanite is 1000 times rarer than diamond but because it hasn’t reached the same popularity, it isn’t more expensive and prices don’t increase so much based on carat. If you want an alternative to classic diamonds that looks stunning and is likely to increase in value, tanzanite is a good choice.


    Morganite is a pastel-coloured gem that comes in shades from soft pink to coral orange, sometimes including hints of pale purple. A warm tone for a wedding ring, morganite is great for any budget and will make for a very special wedding ring. Morganite is sometimes said to attract an abundance of love to the wearer.

    Create A Custom Shape

    Popular shapes for gemstones used in wedding rings include round and square, with diamonds also available in well-known cuts such as princess, pear, baguette and more. When considering options for your alternative wedding rings, you can choose a less common shape or work with a designer on a bespoke design.


    Heart-shaped diamonds aren’t the most radical idea for your wedding ring but they are still less common than many classic shapes. Heart-shaped diamonds have been around since the 1500s and are meant to signify eternal love. Choosing a heart shape with a more unusual stone can make your wedding ring even more unique. Alternatively, or additionally, you can consider getting a wedding band that mimics a heart shape with a stone placed in the middle.


    If there is a flower that is important to you, perhaps one that is being featured in your wedding theme and bouquet, you can consider getting a wedding ring crafted in its likeness. For example, a central disc with a diamond and petals in one or two varieties of gemstones can create a unique wedding ring. Alternatively, your wedding band can be designed with multiple metal flowers that are finished with your preferred gemstone in their centre.


    If you really want to create a bespoke alternative wedding ring, you can get a designer to craft blossoms onto your wedding ring. The Pandora Peach Blossom Flower Open Ring is a good example of what can be achieved combining inset stones enabling the shape of smaller flowers and additional crystals used for detailing. Naturally, these bespoke designs will be more expensive but they’ll also be extra special.

    Consider Bespoke Engravings & Etchings

    Instead of choosing additional stones or diamonds to customise your wedding ring, why not choose a personalised message or etching? Engravings can be made on the outside or the inside of your wedding ring.

    It’s worth being aware that engravings are physical markings that are likely to last a long time while etchings are typically created with chemical processes so may wear away.

    Outer Engravings & Etchings

    Outer engravings are what you want to say to the world about your union. Think of them as outward declarations of your love.

    If you aren’t using gemstones within the setting of your wedding band, you have more space to create a unique engraving or etching. Engravings can be as simple or complex as you like.

    Simple and elegant engravings for the outside of your wedding ring could be something significant to your relationship, such as a flower or a symbol. More unique etchings could be a fingerprint or custom pattern. Etchings can create relief designs around your whole wedding ring. Think celtic designs or complex floral patterns.

    Interior Etchings & Engravings

    Interior etchings and engravings are the designs and messages you will keep closest to you. They will only be seen by you and so are often more personal. Common choices are the name or initials of your partner or a significant date, such as your wedding day.

    If you want to create something more unique, you could choose certain lines from your vows. Alternatively, you could choose special messages for each other or design an etching that speaks to something in your relationship that only you two know about, such as the day of your first date.

    Find The Right Alternative Wedding Ring Idea For You

    Your wedding rings may feel like a small part of your wedding day but they will last a lifetime. Take time to explore and consider all the wonderful available options so you find the right ones for you. Remember that no one alternative wedding ring idea is better than any other and the aim is to find something that speaks to you and your partner.

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