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    Getting married again? How to plan your second wedding

    Published: January 6th, 2021

    2021 is expected to be the biggest year for weddings in history after the coronavirus crisis cancelled hundreds of events across the UK. And for couples like you who did tie the knot during this time, it was obviously on a much smaller scale than planned, so it’s understandable that you may want a much bigger celebration once lockdown measures have been suitably lifted.

    This is a chance to have the big day you dreamed of, but there are a few things to consider when organising another wedding. For example, how much will the event resemble the first? Here we look at how to plan your second wedding.

    Choose a new venue

    As couples were no longer allowed to invite hundreds of guests to their wedding, you may have opted to make your vows in a small registry office instead of a grand venue. This time round, you’ll likely want somewhere bigger and more extravagant to celebrate with family and friends.

    Many couples have already expressed their interest in joining us at Sandon Hall for their wedding next year. Located in Staffordshire, our magnificent mansion is surrounded by picturesque gardens, perfect for your wedding photographs. We have a variety of locations including our 13th century All Saints Church—ideal for those wanting a traditional church wedding—the conservatory, or even the temple gardens if you’re looking at an outdoor ceremony. With elegance and versatility, Sandon Hall is a beautiful choice for your second wedding.

    Pick your wedding dress

    Your wedding dress may be the gown of your dreams and just because you wore it for your original nuptials, that doesn’t mean you can’t wear it again. While most brides only wear their dress once, having a second wedding means you’re lucky enough to wear yours again if you want to. You could even add a customisable element so that it looks a little different, like a detachable skirt or sleeves. However, if you know beforehand that you’re having two events for your wedding, you could pick a simple wedding dress for the first smaller occasion and then choose a showstopping gown for the second wedding where more guests will see it. You could even wear something untraditional like a two-piece.

    Decide upon a theme

    The theme you pick for your event can be the same as your initial ceremony or completely different. Sticking with it has its perks as it means you can reuse your decorations and accessories, and even change anything up that didn’t work the first time around. However, if you were unable to go all out with the theme you wanted because you had a low-key ceremony, this is the perfect opportunity to choose something you love and go all out with brand new decorations, outfits, flowers, and colour schemes.

    Consider your gift list

    Most couples create a gift list for their guests, but if you’ve already received presents from the first ceremony, you might not want to make any requests this time. This also depends on the time between celebrations and who attended the initial one. Maybe you could give new guests a list of suggestions, although another option is to forego the idea completely. After all, if you haven’t seen some loved ones for months because of the pandemic, receiving gifts might be the last thing on your mind.

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