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    How to create a wedding bouquet: Seven unique ideas

    Published: February 5th, 2021

    From the size and style of your bouquet, to the colour and shape of the blooms themselves, there’s a lot to consider when choosing your wedding flowers. And while many brides opt for a classic floral arrangement, there are multiple ways to experiment with your design to create a look that’s unique to your big day. We know a thing or two about flowers here at Sandon Hall, and our in-house florist works closely with couples who are planning a wedding at our venue. So if you want stunning flowers that deviate from the norm, read on for some unique bridal bouquet ideas.

    Textured wildflower wedding bouquet

    Add interest and texture to a bridal bouquet by incorporating a versatile array of greenery and fillers, which can be rough or smooth, coarse or fine, shiny or matte, and so on. These textures are especially important for a natural-looking design. A wildflower wedding bouquet with trailing ferns and grasses will add plenty of variety to your arrangement, and can also make them much more whimsical and less structured than a traditional bouquet, thanks to the flowers and greenery gathered from fields. You can also tie your wildflower wedding bouquet with lace, twine or ribbon for more texture.

    Dried herb bouquet

    Going heavy on the greenery is perfect for bohemian weddings, lending a natural, earthy look to your bridal bouquet. For example, you can combine dried herbs with feathers to create an ethereal feel or add a lovely organic shape with geometrically-patterned ferns. These natural garden elements can offer an alternative twist to any wedding bouquet.

    Fruit flower bouquet

    Including fruit in your bouquet is a non-traditional idea that more brides have begun considering in recent years. Fruit comes in all shapes, sizes and colours, so there’s sure to be a type that will provide a perfect fit for every wedding theme. These can also be easily mixed with flowers and foliage, like using bright orange kumquats combined with white fringe tulips, peonies and ranunculus to create a vivid bouquet that is sure to stand out on your big day.

    Lily of the valley bouquet

    This is a classic, traditional bloom carried in many wedding bouquets, with its white bell-shaped buds offering a delicate, dainty and romantic contrast to the other vibrant greenery. When combined with a mixture of other white flowers such as snowball hydrangea, vendella roses and ruffled white stocks, these small blooms can create a heady unique winter bouquet.

    Sunflower and rose bouquet

    Sunflowers are the perfect flower for summer, with their bright yellow petals radiating joy and happiness. They come in many sizes, and are available all year round, but generally peak during late summer and early autumn. You can create a stunning bouquet using bright sunflowers, cream-coloured roses, and delicate white baby’s breath, and to complete its romantic feel, tie the arrangement together with lace.

    Multi-coloured gerbera daisy bouquet

    This striking daisy has long petals, a distinctive centre, and can appear either delicate or bold depending on the hue of the flower. These blooms look beautiful in isolation, especially when using a variety of colours. For instance, a hand-tied gerbera bouquet using multi-coloured flowers is fun, and can contrast a more monochromatic wedding theme. However, if you’d like to fill out your bouquet, gerbera daisies pair particularly well with roses, while you might also wish to incorporate tulips, carnations, pansies, dahlias and hydrangeas into your bouquet.

    Swap real flowers for paper ones

    Paper flowers last longer than fresh blooms, cost significantly less, and can be easily kept as a wedding memento for years. There’s no need to worry about the colours of the flowers fading either. If you find it difficult to arrange real flowers, this alternative also means you can attempt DIY in a different way, using a variety of colours and types of paper like tissue or crêpe to resemble the texture of real flowers. Try recreating your favourites, such as a gorgeous arrangement of roses or dahlias, and create a bouquet that is entirely unique to your wedding day.

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