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    How To Choose The Right Wedding Photographer

    Published: May 15th, 2023

    Choosing a photographer for your wedding is an important decision as it will affect how you remember your big day. When considering potential photographers, don’t just look at their websites. If possible, ask them to share portfolios of several weddings they have shot, to get a full sense of their style, attention to detail, experience and skills.

    Here is our list of things to consider when selecting a photographer for your big day.

    1. Decide on Your Wedding Photography Style

    Consider what kind of style you want the photographer to have. Would you like the photos to be artistic, natural or traditional? Do you want them to look like a photo shoot or to be a more realistic representation of your big day? If you would like your photos to look like something out of a fashion magazine, opt for a contemporary photographer. If you are keen to record all the significant moments of the day, look for someone with a reportage style. A reportage style uses natural and candid shots that capture all the emotions and details of the day.

    2. Find a Wedding Photographer With The Right Skills

    Look at each wedding in a photographer’s portfolio. Have they managed to capture the groom’s face when he first sets his eyes on his bride? The squeezing of the ring on the finger? The mother’s tears as the couple say their vows and the first kiss after saying ‘I do’? These are important moments that, with the right photographer, can live forever. You may want to give them your list of key moments so they know what your priorities are. These could include:

    • Arrival of the family
    • Walking down the aisle
    • Putting on the ring
    • The kiss
    • Celebration once the ceremony is officially complete
    • Cutting the cake
    • The first dance

    3. Make A Choice Between Creative or Traditional

    If you are hoping for a wedding portfolio with a bit of character, check a photographer’s group shots. Is everyone standing in a line or have the guests been given direction to create a more unique shot? The photographers’ creativity will also be evident in your initial conversation with them. See how confident they are in the images they can produce for you and whether they offer creative ideas. This conversation will also be a good indication of whether your personalities are a good match.

    4. Read Reviews

    Reviews will tell you a lot about whether previous couples were happy with their experience. You won’t be able to tell from a portfolio if a photographer was bossy or difficult to get along with. If a photographer has plenty of reviews, it also indicates they have plenty of experience. See if you can find reviews on Google and on social media.

    5. Check Whether The Photographer Has The Experience Required

    Weddings are very different to a traditional photo shoot or event. Experienced wedding photographers will know where to be at the right time in order to capture key moments. Even if a photographer has shot lots of weddings before, have they shot weddings in a similar venue to the one you have chosen? It’s no good judging their outdoor images if your event is taking place in a candle-lit wine cellar. Ask if they have wedding images taken in similar venues.

    6. Decide What Your Wedding Photos Are Worth

    For most couples, spending money on a good wedding photographer is worth it. Knowing all their special moments are going to be captured means they can relax and enjoy the day. Get quotes from at least three photographers so you get an idea of the going rate. This will help you decide whether your preferred photographer is worth their fee. You may also want to consider the cost of a second photographer or even a third, so that moments that happen simultaneously can be captured. While you don’t want to crowd the ceremony with too many photographers, it’s worth getting the reaction of the groom at the same time as getting the bride walking down the aisle.

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