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    Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2022: How to incorporate it into your wedding

    Last Updated: April 29th, 2024

    The Pantone Colour Institute’s Colour of the Year category has been running for over twenty years now, with an influence reaching across numerous industries. The launch of that special shade every year, aimed at designers, advertisers and creatives, has repeatedly helped shape the consumerist landscape for each year to come. Last time around, we were treated to not one but two colours: Illuminating Yellow and Ultimate Grey. This year, however, the leading experts have a clear favourite to define the next twelve months: Very Peri

    The rationale behind this choice was simple, as Pantone explains: “​​displaying a carefree confidence and a daring curiosity that animates our creative spirit, inquisitive and intriguing, Very Peri helps us to embrace this altered landscape of possibilities”. If dynamism, new horizons, and a fresh perspective are the watchwords for Pantone, what better place to put this to good use than a wedding?

    So, let us take you through how to include this dazzling and remarkable colour scheme into your upcoming wedding day.

    Will it work for my wedding?

    Picking the colour for your grand scheme is a choice that requires delicacy and know-how, as it is an incredibly important part of your overall wedding plan. The choice of colour is often meant to reflect the time of the year it’s taking place in, but it can also express the distinct style you share as a couple.

    For instance, Pantone’s Very Peri evokes the thought of blooming spring flowers, but it is also mysterious and creative, and thus appropriate for a winter wedding with an air of grandeur. Bold and romantic, it creates a sense of luxury and light-heartedness fit for a venue with such a lavish history as Sandon Hall, for one. If you’re the type of bride-and-groom-to-be desperate to declare your union to the world, but also want a fun and lively affair, Very Peri may very well be what colours your special ceremony.

    Clothing and accessories

    While it’s usually pure white for the bride, your ceremony should certainly include another staple theme that can be incorporated in accessories, such as ribbons or corsages. Very Peri is perfect for such a thing, with its bold and confident tone evoking the spirit of elegance and royalty. It could be the glue that holds your bouquet, bridal shoes, headpieces and other accessories together, along with your bridesmaids’ attire

    On the other side of the aisle, while it might be a bit much for the groom and groomsmen to be rocking a Very Peri suit, an ensemble of charcoal with a purple tie, vest or boutonniere will make for some memorable and suave outfits.


    You can seek decorations to match Pantone’s Very Peri in many ways. If you want to go all out, however, we would still advise being sparing with your use of this colour. A deep shade like this is certainly suitable as the dominant one for wintry nuptials. Purple ribbons can be threaded throughout each room where the ceremony, reception, dinner and dancing will take place. This will then be brilliantly complemented by midnight blue tablecloths, among other furnishings.

    In the spring and summer, subtlety is key: lighter and creamier or pastel colours for decorations, such as lanterns, balloons and ribbons, can balance the purple centrepieces, or a plush white and periwinkle cake. Sandon Hall’s tipi receptions also expertly work their magical charms in any season, and our ornamental garden is an incredible source of vibrant, natural bursts of colour.


    If you want to make your maiden voyage as a newly-minted married couple pop, your marital wheels will also make the day even more memorable through a classy use of colour. A periwinkle Ford Super Deluxe could be one such example of a classic car that adds a vintage sheen to the ceremony. If you’re wanting to create an ambience that is less flashy but still memorable, a quirky, purple Morris Minor could also turn more than a few smiles and stir plenty of cheer. Otherwise, a simple white car with a Very Peri ribbon can do the trick too.


    Aside from the dress code, flowers are arguably the simplest yet most vital ingredient in colouring your wedding. Purple flowers can be a challenging choice, but while Very Peri could be the perfect third way between bright and pale, finding the right bloom to capture this without drawing a contrast to the rest of the decor is easier said than done. 

    For an autumnal or winter wedding, then, a combination of amethyst and sapphire adds strong delight and poise that is richly romantic. Alternatively, the pairing of lavender along with cream coloured tulips is an incredible balance between the cool elegance of winter and the excitement of a newlywed couple.

    In a spring or summer wedding, bursts of purple and dusty pink make for a gorgeous and vibrant arrangement, with a classic feel that gives a sense of new life and intimacy. If you want a more rustic touch, combine these with some deep green foliage, or purple moor grass. Another summery option is a mixture of yellow and lavender for the bouquets or floral centrepieces. This is sure to foreground a sense of vitality, but also create an atmosphere that is more ethereal, and perhaps a bit harder to describe. Perfect, then, for such a special day as yours.

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