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    What to Wear to a Country Wedding

    Last Updated: April 29th, 2024

    There is something extra special about getting married in the great outdoors. Whether it’s the luscious green landscapes, fragrant floral scents, or the quaint rustic ambience, countryside weddings are always especially romantic occasions.

    We have seen countless couples tie the knot here at Sandon Hall, and we’ve always been happy to offer wedding advice for brides and grooms alike. However, today we are turning our attention to the wedding guests — after all, they have a fair few practical details to sort out themselves, from booking transport and accommodation, to buying gifts for the bride and groom. And the most important decision by far is what to wear on the big day. Many may not have attended a ceremony in this sort of setting before, and there are some subtle differences when it comes to the dress code. Read on to discover the best ensembles to put together if you’re attending a country wedding.

    Country wedding guest clothing

    Unlike slick city weddings where formal, fitted outfits are the norm, the relaxed atmosphere of a country wedding will make for a far less fussy approach to your wedding attire.

    For women

    Consisting of floaty silhouettes, floral prints, and light fabrics like lace, cotton and linen, boho-chic is a particularly popular outdoor wedding trend. Midi dresses are a good option, as they are smarter and comfier than shorter hemlines, and more practical than full-length styles which may graze the mud and grass. For women who prefer trousers, wide-legged jumpsuits are a roomy alternative, offering greater coverage and are sure to attract compliments. And in cooler temperatures, a smart blazer — preferably in a contrasting print, colour or texture — is a modern and effortless cover-up.

    For men

    Men should still wear a suit, but stay away from black and charcoal grey in favour of earthy colours to match the outdoor setting, like browns and greens. Patterns are also incredibly striking — tweed is simply made for the countryside, and offers a fantastic basis for a fashion-forward suit. Alternatively, the fabric can provide you with a statement piece for your outfit, like a tweed blazer worn with navy trousers, or vice versa. Florals are equally effective for male country wedding guests, and those who don’t want to wear busy prints from top to toe could inject a small burst of colour with a flowery shirt or tie.

    Country wedding guest shoes

    Country weddings mean having to contend with surfaces like muddy grass and uneven cobbles, so it’s vital that your footwear is attractive, but also easy to move in.

    For women

    Stilettos may look amazing, but female guests will quickly grow tired of having to pull their spindly, sunken heels out of the dirt. If a little extra height is required, block heels or wedges are far more sensible. However, country weddings are also the perfect time for you to flaunt fashionable flats. Think preppy loafers, edgy boots or, for the most daring women, even luxury trainers. Choose designs with embellishments like studs or beads, or contrasting colours and materials which ooze style and adhere to the country chic wedding dress code.

    For men

    Any formal shoe will do for men, be that an Oxford, Derby, brogue or loafer. As long as they are made from leather or any other material that can easily be wiped clean. Suede shoes are far from ideal, given how much of a struggle it will be to get any dirt out.

    Country wedding guest accessories

    Though your clothes will do most of the talking, adding a few thoughtful accessories instantly makes an outfit more interesting.

    For women

    A wide-brimmed hat is incredibly chic, and will also protect faces and scalps from the sun. Straw styles perfectly match the outdoor setting and perfectly complement the boho look, but it’s important that these hats aren’t too floppy, as this will give your outfit overly casual connotations. Finish off your look with oversized drop earrings or bold bracelets, and an over-the-shoulder or crossbody bag that keep your hands free for drinking and dancing.

    For men

    Luxury leather accessories like belts and watches add an air of sophistication to any outfit, while jazzy cufflinks and pocket squares allow you to bring a quirky twist to your look. You may also want to experiment with things like tie clips and lapel pins, but it’s always better to choose minimal accessories rather than swamping your aesthetic.

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